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Startup Coaching

From business plan to hiring a tech team and international expansion - I will dive deep into your business ideas, support you with all my experience and give you an external perspective. Thanks to my network of legal, marketing and product experts, we can quickly get your venture bootstrapped and reduce your time-to-market significantly.

Sparring Partner

A frank and honest assessment is vital for any new business: no yes men, no punches pulled. I'll thoroughly review your business plan, pitch deck and financial plan, conduct my own market analysis and present you with my findings, even if they might result in you having to rework your plans entirely. Don't waste your savings on business ideas with unrealistic financial plans or fail because your hiring plan couldn't be met by current market supply. Get a second opinion before starting.

Business Plan Development

“Nobody needs a business plan, investors don't care about it, just get your company started!” Maybe you’ve heard this recently. While it’s true that most investors don't want to read a 30 page business plan, you still need one. Before starting any business, it's essential that you do a thorough and comprehensive competition analysis. Set up a financial plan. Define a vision for your company. Think about your sales channels and your marketing. Combine all these elements and you have your business plan that will help you see the big picture clearly.

Startup Coaching

Product-market fit? Go-to-market strategy? Lean startup? Agile development? Let me guide you through the jungle of buzzwords and figure out what's actually relevant to your business and how you can reach your goals based on your run-rate and other preconditions. You don't need to have an MBA to enter the start-up world, many of the common concepts are surprisingly easy to implement. I'll make sure you don't repeat the most common mistakes many entrepreneurs frequently make.

Scaling and Professionalisation

Did you manage to close your first major funding round? Facing the challenge of having to hire a large team in a short time and somehow setting up all the processes whilst ensuring that your corporate culture doesn't break down? At this point, many start-ups start to fail. The founders are usually techies, marketing or domain experts, but without experience or time to handle such complex developments. I'll bring structure into this phase of your venture and ensure that your philosophy and vision don't break apart.

MVP Development

You don't always want or can afford to hire an engineering team right away. Often, it's more efficient to have an MVP developed externally to get first feedback from real users as quickly as possible. This approach will give you more time to start working on the product-market-fit. I’ll define whether your prototype should be an MVP that will act as a base for the further development of the project or just a throw-away prototype, and get you ready to go live.

Initial Setup

If you are a first-time entrepreneur, you're going to be faced with many unknowns and tons of items on your to-do list. I'll show you how to quickly set up your company, organize all the required legal documents, set up basic HR and an ESOP, hire your team and ensure consistent on-boarding. We'll define your workflows and processes, decide on an initial tech stack and get the setup done in a fraction of the time it would usually require. Lean back and focus on your idea and product development.


Is my venture attractive to investors? What type of investors should we be aiming for? How do we set up a pitch deck? How much money should we raise and at what time? How do we get in touch with investors? What does a typical due diligence process look like? I can give you answers to these questions and help you to get the best possible opportunities for raising funds. I'll also not hold back and let you know if I think it's better for your company to bootstrap with your own means rather than VCs.


Every entrepreneur needs a friend that's going through the same struggles, critically reflect your thoughts and give you new ideas and inspiration. I can be that friend and mentor to help you to get through difficult situations and make sure you don't lose your focus or miss out on important aspects. Having been at the crossroads of losing everything or becoming super rich, I can relate well to your emotions and take part in your journey.

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