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Software Audits and Code Reviews

During M&A transactions or for supporting important strategical decisions, I can provide you with comprehensive and low-level audits on technology, software quality and further metrics. Ultimately, a code review can help you assess the performance of your engineering team and enable you to create a roadmap for migrating legacy software.

Architecture and Tech Stack Analysis

Every tech stack has advantages and disadvantages, suitable use cases, and an end of life. Engineers are very often biased by their own preferences and qualifications. An architecture and tech stack audit provides you with an overview of the current state of the application and possible strategies to continue operating and extending the application. 

Quality Review

The quality of a software is not obvious from the user interface nor from any documentation. It requires in-depth knowledge of technologies in use, databases, and the codebase. Audits of traditional consulting firms usually focus on licensing compliance, industry standards, legal requirements, workflow KPIs and other business related elements. As an experienced engineer, I can provide you with comprehensive and comprehensible audits on all application layers that actually cover the code quality and implemented software architecture.

Performance Check

Slow web and mobile applications are a major issue in current environments. For websites,  performance has become an important ranking factor in SEO, while for applications, slow performance can be a root cause of poor reviews and user satisfaction. With relatively low effort, I can benchmark your application to industry standards, point out relevant issues and create recommendations on how to sustainably resolve them.

Scalability Assessment

Just because an application works for 1000 users, it doesn't mean it will do so for a few million. Before scaling up marketing and sales or before important events that could cause peak loads, it's important to carefully assess the scalability of software applications. In the worst case scenarios, failing to handle load peaks can even result in security vulnerabilities. I'll load test your application, provide you with actual results and combine them with theoretical considerations and recommended actions.

Security Audit

After the most recent wave of ransomware and hacking attacks, companies have started to realize that security is not just something that’s nice-to-have but a core pillar of every digital business and companies that make heavy use of IT infrastructure. Audits on code level can reveal active vulnerabilities as well as possible pitfalls in later development stages. I don't do penetration tests or ethical hacking myself, but can add such services to my offering through my network of security professionals.

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