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Matthias Isler

Driving Innovation and Growth

for Tech Ventures 🚀

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Fractional CTO

A passionate entrepreneur and software engineer with 20 years of experience in online business and web technology; I help technology entrepreneurs build and scale their digital products and businesses.

I'm a hands-on technologist and entrepreneur. As a software engineer, I specialize in architecting, implementing and operating cloud-based web applications, especially SaaS platforms and marketplaces in B2B and B2C.

My focus is on web technologies, with specialisations in PythonPHP, and JavaScript (Node.js). On the frameworks side, I prefer to work with Laravel, Vue.js and React. I'm also experienced with cloud infrastructures and DevOps (Google Cloud and AWS). More recently, I've been focusing on Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning and LLMs) and Data Engineering.

As an entrepreneur, I've validated lots of ideas, and have been involved in building a number of companies. I sold one of my ventures to a large media corporation and bought it back a few years later. Recently, I worked on an AI-powered quant finance research firm. Being an entrepreneur is my passion, and I always make time to dedicate towards building businesses. 

Throughout this journey, I've acquired comprehensive knowledge in the areas of strategy, process- and product management, recruiting, digital marketing, cybersecurity, and business intelligence. Last but not least, I specialize in the setup and management of high-performance remote engineering teams.

My industry knowledge focuses on the service industry - in particular legal service providers, personnel service providers, and agencies - as well as the financial, automotive, and media industries and NPOs

Driving Innovation Through Technology

Trusted by Entrepreneurs

“As a growth company, we are constantly faced with new challenges. Matthias' pragmatic, selective and goal-oriented support helps us to tackle these challenges efficiently and effectively. We can rely on his comprehensive experience and rest assured, that we are doing the right thing. I appreciate the straightforward cooperation a lot.”

Miro Hegnauer

CEO and Founder of Konova

Impact Oriented Consulting


Save yourself from the overheads of big consulting firms and agencies. Get on-point, partner-level advice at rates suitable for SMEs. Long-term, reliable-, and bespoke consulting.


I'm not a fan of long meetings and extensive presentations. I support you selectively and precisely where I can add value. Tailored to your specific situation and requirements.


My advice builds on practical experience gained as an entrepreneur and software developer in real-world projects and markets. My experience can help you to stay ahead.


A network of long-standing and proven partners can provide specialist input to match your needs. Together we can support you on projects in most dimensions.

Why Work With Me?

As an entrepreneur, your most valuable resource is often time. There is enough venture capital on the market, employees can be hired and know-how can be acquired. But no one can give you back the time you lose when making the wrong decisions. A bad piece of software architecture, vacant key positions or an unrealistic strategy can set you back years and put the success of your venture at risk. Large corporations work with consulting firms, but startups and scale-ups are often left to their own devices. My service consults with SMEs, helping them to maintain their laser focus and build a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Full-Service Advisory

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