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Board Member

Company boards are shifting towards diversity and technology expertise. With a strong focus on digital business models, I am available to join selected company boards as a managing director, in an advisory role or for facilitating fundraising. I'm experienced with Swiss legislation and corporate governance.  

Board of Directors

As a member of the board of directors for Swiss limited companies, I am well-acquainted with the associated responsibilities. My strengths lie primarily in the realms of strategy and technology. As a representative of Generation Y, I bring a fresh perspective that can help diversify your board and shape a vision that's attuned to the future.

Advisory Board

In cases where active company management is not desired, your venture can benefit from my experience by having me as a member of the advisory board. Such mandates are very flexible and can be set up entirely based on your requirements and roadmap. Especially for fundraising, it's a major advantage if a company is backed by an experienced and well-connected advisory board.

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