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Fractional CTO - Interim CTO

If your venture is missing a CTO or can't afford to hire a full-time CTO, I can jump in and take over responsibility promptly. Together we can set the fundaments for your infrastructure and applications, define all relevant processes and workflows and hire a team to get your business standing on its own feet.

Recruiting and Hiring

Recruiting a tech team is a major challenge in current labour markets. On-site, offshore, nearshore? Work with an agency or hire an in-house recruiter? How to differentiate yourself from overpaying Silicon Valley companies? With my experience in recruiting, assessing and hiring various engineering teams, I can help you find your sweet spot. I've developed a framework for assessing the qualifications of tech staff to minimise expensive hiring mistakes.

Technical and Digital Strategy

I assist companies in solving some of the biggest challenges they are facing in a rapidly evolving society: How to win the next generation's users? How to set a sustainable purpose that aligns with tomorrow's technology? How to embrace change and innovation? Large corporations started realizing years ago that technology shouldn't just be included in a corporate strategy, but be fundamental to their operations. My experience can help tightening your strategy for tomorrow.

Technology Research

New technologies often sound appealing, but can be unstable, hard to implement, or expose the company to unexpected risks. I'll conduct a comprehensive analysis of your desired technological upgrades, speak with experts and engineers, and assess the specific requirements of your product. Long-term analytical predictions of a given technology's development, support, and community are complex but essential since they may disappear as quickly as they arrived, leaving your product foundering with an unsupported legacy technology. 

Project Management

As an experienced project manager (working with 7-figure budgets), I'll take care of your projects using traditional or agile standards and best practices. Clear communication, a solid and transparent roadmap, and a plan-B are a must-have for every project. I always make sure to embrace realistic time management and tight cost control.

Innovations Engineering

Let me set up your corporate startup and work on innovations that could be the driver of future development. I'm a digital native, techie, entrepreneur and love creative thinking out of the box. Developing realistic innovations for an actual market is my main objective: defining a long-term vision can round up the portfolio. Since execution is often the key to success, I can further assist you in implementing your innovations into actual products.

Workflow and Process Setup

Not every company needs a fully-fledged SCRUM setup, and not every software profits from a monorepo. With my experience working in all different kinds of engineering teams and products, I'll help you to define the frameworks and workflows that suit your individual situation, not only in engineering, but also in operations, marketing, sales and all other departments that need operational processes and supporting IT infrastructure in place.

Infrastructure and Architecture

I can help you define a solid architecture for your products and ensure that your IT infrastructure scales with your business. With a broad palette of cost-efficient and battle-proofed vendors and tools, I'll select the best ones for your use-case and engage in change management to ensure their actual implementation. Together with your engineering team, I'll set up the fundamentals of your software and decide on the standards to be applied.

Vendor Evaluation and Procurement

As an SME, it's especially hard to evaluate vendors for IT solutions: there are countless options on the market, many of which are very similar and come with pricing structures that lack transparency. Using a professional evaluation matrix, I’ll analyse your individual requirements and conduct in-depth research and assessment of vendors and their products. I'll make sure you are clear about the consequences of a vendor-lock-in and avoid late surprises during the technical implementation.

Technical Roadmap

It's often overwhelming to have a backlog that would easily fill the next hundred Sprints and countless stakeholders pushing for their requirements to be implemented first. Refactoring and technology updates that typically get looked over can lead to problems down the road. I'll help you set up a framework for handling your technical roadmap and ensure consistent stakeholder communication. Ultimately, we'll get your engineering team on board so they're aligned with your goals.

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