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Technology and Management Consulting

I can help you optimize your use of state-of-the-art technologies, such as artificial intelligence, innovative mobile solutions, virtual organisations or a cloud-based software application landscape. I’ll develop strategies for new products, transform business processes, organisations and restructure your engineering department.

Strategy Development

Developing business models and strategies is my passion. Since I bring both technological skills and business experience to the table, I'm able to develop cutting-edge innovation strategies for your existing business or new ventures. As a critical observer, I'll point out pitfalls in your strategy and improve them by applying real-world insights. Though working mainly on digital strategy, I'm eager to contribute to your offline ventures as well.

Outsourcing and Nearshoring

If you are a C-level executive in the software engineering sector, you likely receive numerous proposals to partner with outsourcing agencies or establish a custom development team. However, these offers oversimplify the substantial challenges in maintaining quality and effective project management, particularly when you lack direct oversight of the team. With extensive experience in helping businesses successfully outsource or nearshore team components, I am well-positioned to guide you through these complex processes.

Recruiting and Employer Branding

Hiring IT professionals, and especially software engineers, is a major challenge of most start-ups and companies that are scaling up. The lack of skilled professionals leads to skyrocketing wages and difficult recruitment processes. I've personally hired countless engineers and developed an innovate assessment framework for technical roles. I can point out the best strategies to succeed in this challenging market and help you to successfully recruit and onboard your tech team, so you can focus on your core business.

Remote Workforce Management

Having worked with remote teams for over 10 years, I know from experience that this kind of collaboration presents companies with many challenges and requires managers to develop a management style that's very different from the one used in conventional environments. Establishing a motivating and supporting work culture is as important as personal exchanges within the team. Together we can ensure that your team is performing well and at the same time keep employee fluctuation as low as possible.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation starts with a holistic analysis of your company and your strategy. This process shouldn't be a means to its own end, but result in a clear competitive advantage, a higher cost efficiency and agile corporate development. I can help you re-think your business from a digital-first perspective and set up a realistic transformation plan.

Cloud Transformation

Do you need to migrate an application or your entire company to the cloud? From an initial cost analysis to vendor selection and an in-depth analysis of your software and the required updates, I can assist you in this process. We can talk about vendor lock-in, scalability, migrations paths and give you a clear picture of what to expect. I'm experienced with both, cloud-native and cloud-enabled setups and have a network of proven partners that can take over the management of your cloud environment.

Data & Analytics

Data is the new gold. Luckily, setting up a data warehouse and establishing your business intelligence expertise doesn't necessarily need to be an expensive, large-scale project. I'll help you define your data sources, your KPIs, metrics, and reports and set up an easy to handle and extended technology stack. 

Cyber & Digital Risk

Cybersecurity is (or at least should be) a core pillar of every company. Unfortunately, risk assessments are often too theoretical and not fit for practical use. Completing endless surveys or self assessments don’t necessarily reveal the real threats to your business. For startups, the common frameworks are typically not suitable and cyber risk insurance is too expensive. With my experience, I can point out the real threats to your venture and help you develop a realistic action plan. 

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