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About Me

I'm a Swiss citizen with a home base near beautiful Zurich. Although I work on-site for some projects, I also enjoy travelling to interesting destinations to maximise my productivity. I'd be happy to work with you in English, German and Schwizerdütsch.

I've been working as a professional software engineer for more than 15 years. I love coding and am a huge advocate of Clean Code, KISS and YAGNI. You can find some of my open-source projects on GitHub.


I don't consider my self a pure techie, as I’m also a passionate strategist. For some projects I have had to dig deep into product management, digital marketing, cybersecurity, and finance. As a CTO, I have been responsible for project management, recruiting and recently specialised on setting up and managing remote teams.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial heart. At the age of 18, I've spent my savings on incorporating my first venture. It was supposed to be a franchise network of web agencies, headquartered in Belize and Cyprus. Just a few months later, I shut it down due to legal risks, which I fortunately got assessed shortly after. Since then, I've researched dozens of business ideas, put together countless financial plans and pitch decks, and validated a handful of prototypes on the market.

Working on exciting new projects with inspiring people has always been a passion of mine. I want to dedicate parts of my time to sharing my experiences with other entrepreneurs and technology teams. With my boutique consultancy firm, I strive to add real value to my clients’ businesses and help them overcome any challenges they're facing with their ventures.

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I'm an expert in PHP, adding JavaScript, Node.js, and Python to my portfolio. Sometimes I also code Shell Scripts or hack Go, Java or C code.

DevOps - MLOps

Using Bitbucket or GitLab, I'm well familiar with CI/CD pipelines and also implemented some cloud native approaches. For Machine Learning, I've been using Kubeflow. 

CMS - E-Commerce

In my early days, I've developed dozens of projects based on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, Magento, Shopify and led the development of a proprietary CMS.


Even though I don't implement Photoshop designs anymore, I'm  familiar with CSS / SASS, HTML and frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation.


My to-go-frameworks are Laravel and Lumen with React (Redux) and Vue.js for the front-end. Long time ago, I've also worked with Symfony, CakePHP, Django and Angular.


My experience mostly arouses around SQL databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL) as well as in-memory databases (Redis, Memcached, etc.) and schemaless databases.

Machine Learning - AI

Full-stack from data engineering to model development, based on XGBoost, Keras and Tensorflow. I've extensively worked with Google Vertex AI (mostly tabular data).

Big Data

Mostly based on Google Cloud (BigQuery, Dataproc, Pub/Sub, Data Studio), I contributed to multiple Data Warehouses, BI dashboards and ETL Pipelines.


Most of my projects run on cloud environments, in the first place Google Cloud and AWS. I'm experienced with Kubernetes and a variety of managed services.


I've worked with various software for message brokers, queue systems, search systems and others. RabbitMQ, SQS, Kafka, Lucene, just to name a few of them.


Having spent most of my early days on Apache web servers, my projects nowadays run on Nginx and Ubuntu. I usually containerize on Docker or use Serveless Functions.


My focus lies on REST and GraphQL APIs, often based on a Microservices architecture and API Gateways. I also still know some SOAP and XML-RCP :)

Professional Experience

2022 - Current

Partner & Founder

AureaTauri is a prop trading firm that builds an AI-driven investment engine for cryptocurrency markets. The project is currently in R&D stage. It's based on a state-of-the-art technology stack, powered by an artificial neural network as well as customary machine learning models.

2017 - Current

CTO & Co-Founder

GetYourLawyer matches attorneys with customers and offers a virtual legal department to SMEs. It further includes a SaaS solution for lawyers replacing their existing law firm software and allows them to fully digitize their firm. I co-founded the company in 2017, sold it to Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland in 2019 and bought it back in 2023.

2014 - 2018


Staffcloud is the leading software solution for flexible workforce management. As CTO, I led the development of the cloud-based SaaS application from scratch and accompanied the company from early-stage to market leader with customers such as Philip Morris, Bayer or Migros.

2012 - 2014
Lead Developer is a SaaS solution for car dealers to handle appointment bookings online. I defined the software architecture and led the implementation of the entire application ecosystem. The industry solution is used by BMW and other major brands in Switzerland. 

2005 - 2012

Software Engineer

Having worked for web agencies, software engineering companies and as a freelancer, I've implemented various websites, e-commerce stores and web applications and gained large parts of my hands-on experience in software development.

A Specialist Generalist

With my consulting firm, I cover a wide range of disciplines and topics. Nevertheless, I have a clear focus on strategy, software engineering, recruiting and remote workforce management, and digital business models. Thanks to my experience in a wide range of projects, industries and companies, I can make sure to never lose the big picture and connect dots where required.

As a critical thinker, I question. As a logician, I structure. And as an innovator, I develop visions. I work with people, connect, reflect and empower them. When we're working together, I won't be your yes-man, but an honest and challenging sparring partner.

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