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Genuine Advice

Clear and straight to the point advice. Honest, direct and persistent. I’ll tell you what you need to hear.

As a "Pareto-Perfectionist", my work is results oriented and I always consider your individual situation instead of offering off-the-shelf solutions. My experience comes from real-world experience with businesses and enables me to offer bespoke, functioning solutions instead of shiny presentations.

Learn more about my technological focus here.

Interim CTO / Fractional CTO

If your venture is missing a CTO or can't afford to hire a full-time CTO, I can jump in and take over responsibility in a short time. Together we can set the fundaments for your infrastructure and applications, define all relevant processes and workflows and hire a team to make your business sustainable.



Technology and Management Consulting

I can help you optimize your use of state-of-the-art technologies, such as artificial intelligence, innovative mobile solutions, virtual organisations or a cloud-based software application landscape. I’ll develop strategies for new products, transform business processes, organisations and restructure your engineering department.




From business plans to hiring a tech team and international expansion - I will dive deep into your business ideas, support you with all my experience, and give you a genuine external perspective. Thanks to my network of legal, marketing and product experts, we can rapidly get your venture bootstrapped and reduce your time-to-market significantly.



High-End Engineering

Is your engineering department facing recurring problems or can't find a solution to a performance issue? Do you need to have a solid prototype developed quickly or an architecture defined for a new application? I'm an engineer at heart and ready for a challenge. For larger assignments, I can quickly set up a team of qualified professionals.



Audits and Code Reviews

During M&A transactions or for supporting important strategical decisions, I can provide you with comprehensive and low-level audits on technology, software quality and further metrics. Ultimately, a code review can help you assess the performance of your engineering team and enable you to create a roadmap for migrating legacy software.



Board Member

Company boards are shifting towards diversity and technology expertise. With a strong focus on digital business models, I am available to join selected company boards as a managing director, in an advisory role, or for facilitating fundraising. I'm experienced with Swiss legislation and corporate governance.  


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