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High-End Software Engineering

Is your engineering department facing recurring problems or can't find a solution to a performance issue? Do you need to have a solid prototype developed in short time or an architecture defined for a new application? I'm an engineer at heart and ready for a challenge. For larger assignments, I can set up a team of qualified professionals promptly.

Prototype Development

For your start-up or corporate pilot projects, I can develop fully working prototypes at low cost and in a short time. We'll define if the prototype should be an MVP that's will be the base for the further development of the project or just a throw-away prototype. Such a prototype can help you get a first round of feedback from real users and start working on the product-market-fit, instead of having to hire an engineering team right away.

Requirements Engineering

Depending on the project and team setup, it's not always a good idea to have the developers pick user stories and translate them into requirements by themselves. Poor architectural decisions implemented in core modules or the data scheme can be very expensive and difficult to fix and can even endanger the entire software project. I can oversee and refine your requirements relating to your business requirements and make sure they are understood by engineers.

Software Architecture

Software architecture is a complex but crucial process. It involves in-depth research, gathering requirements, gap analysis, and various estimations. First, I'll thoroughly review your functional and non-functional requirements. I will align your system architecture with these needs and provide you with tailored estimations of the scope, timelines, etc. Technology decisions have to be made together with the software architecture and should be agnostic of personal preferences from developers, which often overlook non-technical requirements.

Software Development

Together with my network of designers, product managers, QA engineers and developers or external agencies, I can provide you with a fully-fledged engineering team for your software projects. As your CTO, I will personally supervise the project and be your single point of contact. You can rest assured that the project will meet the desired quality standards and be delivered within the deadline, without having to deal with the usual issues in software development projects.


Having worked in countless legacy projects and refactored many of them to state-of-the-art technologies, I've developed a field-tested approach to cost-efficient refactoring. Together with your team, I can develop the architecture and the roadmap for refactoring, as well as giving practical guidance or participating in updating important parts of the software. Depending on your requirements and development plans, I can support your decision as to whether legacy software should be replaced or refactored.

Problem Solving and Bugfixing

I love getting my hands dirty. Very often, tricky bugs and recurring problems in software applications can be fixed with an external perspective if your own engineers are stuck in a rut. With a broad variety of monitoring and investigation tools, we'll trace down the causes of the issues to be solved and analyse how they affect the scalability, security, and extensibility of your software.

Bridging Bottlenecks

I can help bridge temporary staff shortages in your team or jump in to develop urgent projects without having to set up a time-consuming and expensive hiring process first. As a fast learner and autodidact, I'm able to familiarise myself with projects quickly and contribute at the same level of standards as your senior engineers.

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