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Training and Workshops

Inefficient training, internal resistance and lack of support are some of the main challenges in change management. By supporting individuals with tailored training and technology specific workshops, you ensure engagement throughout your organization. In challenging environments, trainings can help employees succeed and avoid hire-and-fire.

Individual Training

Not every change and upcoming challenge requires new hires. Quite often, interested and motivated employees can be trained to master new technologies in short time. Through 1:1 training and individualized education plans, your company can support change without having the friction of a high employee fluctuation and the loss of important know-how.


Be it a new version of a portfolio language, framework or just an overview of upcoming technologies as an inspiration for your engineers - professional workshops ensure knowledge creation and consistent further education throughout your organization. As a domain expert, I can provide in-depth insights on technology, management, and entrepreneurship.


As an experienced coach, counsellor, and trainer (I've been doing pro bono counselling for NPOs for many years), I'm able to assess the individual situation of leaders or employees in difficult situations and support their further development and help them overcome blockages. Having experienced many difficult management challenges myself, I'm happy to provide a mirror to other professionals to leverage their personal and professional development.

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