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Early Preview: Talent Sourcing

To meet the growing need for international tech talent, I've embarked on an exciting venture. I'm currently building a unique and effective solution for tech companies grappling with the complexities of finding both affordable and qualified engineers. In collaboration with recruitment associates, we're setting up a network of talent scouts in emerging markets to ensure a consistent influx of prime candidates for tech companies.

Navigating the Talent Quandary

Throughout my tenure as a CTO, the pursuit of finding that perfect mix of skill, dedication, and cost-effectiveness in software engineers often resembled a relentless treasure hunt. Those who checked all boxes usually became the prized catch of tech giants, leaving the rest of us in a predicament. In the era of on-site recruitment, we barely received a handful of applications. However, once the shift to fully remote setups occurred, I found myself swamped with hundreds of applications per position, most of which fell short on qualifications.

Traditional Tactics Aren't Cutting It

The typical response to a tech vacancy often involves a daily bombardment of messages from outsourcing firms in Asia or Eastern Europe, and recruitment agencies peddling their pool of candidates. I've been there and tried them all. The result? A cocktail of disappointment. Wherever engineers aren't directly hired by your company, there lies a blatant conflict of interest - your partners are more invested in racking up billable hours, leading to high turnover. As for recruitment agencies, they merely replicate your job postings on other platforms and cold message potential candidates on LinkedIn, a task you're perfectly capable of executing yourself.

Exploring Emerging Tech Markets

This sparked a thought: Could there be a better way? My positive experiences with engineers from relatively obscure markets led me to an insightful solution - unearthing the untouched talent gold mines in emerging tech landscapes. Our on-site talent scouts identify and engage engineers in local markets, persuading them to embrace remote work opportunities with Western companies. Our recruitment team evaluates these candidates for international compatibility and technical prowess, providing assistance to improve any areas of weakness. It's a symbiotic arrangement; companies gain access to previously unreachable tech talent, while candidates can tap into high-paying jobs and promising career prospects.

Flexible, Risk-Free Recruitment

As a CTO, I can vouch for the importance of flexibility and minimal risk. That's why our novel service has been crafted to be as straightforward and outcome-centric as possible. There are no upfront payments or binding contracts; you only pay once a candidate we've sourced becomes a successful addition to your team. We offer a bespoke experience, providing you with a tailored stream of candidates, actively sourced to meet your specific requirements. While you retain control over assessments and interviews, we're here to lend a hand, should you need it.

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